There is a XpandGirth for every riding discipline:

Dressage XpandGirthdressage-xpandgirth

It was the starting point of the philosophy of XpandGirth. Adaptability, easy adjustment, great comfort for the horse and very easy to clean like the rest of the models. The size can be adjusted by our exclusive Conway buckle design which has a nut and security screw. Buckle reinforcement, which can be used to keep them together or separated (suitable for V-system girthing).


General Purpose XpandGirth

general-purpose-xpandgirth Combines the same body as the rest of the models with the special feature of the size (usually from 100 to 150 cm). The buckle reinforcement is, normally, one for each pair, but it can also be individual. Another characteristic is our protector for the straps (optional) that keeps them parallel.


Endurance XpandGirth


Same characteristics as the Dressage XpandGirth but with special colours of protector available if the client wants it.
XpandGirth Slim, narrower, thinner, lighter than a normal XpandGirth, particularly indicated for endurance horses.


Jumping XpandGirth


It is the mixture of XpandGirth and the protective cover of the jumping model. The central area of the girth where the whole system of trapezoid buckles and elastic straps is, it is covered with a leather cover which does not hinder the girth’s job. Its buckles have a protector that keep them together. The protector for the straps is not optional in this case, it is always included. Sizes: up to 150 cm (or longer if the client needs it).


Western XpandGirth

western -xpandgirth

 Same body and characteristics as Dressage XpandGirth or General Purpose, but with the distinctive feature of being served with western buckles.