Why to buy a XpandGirth?

XpandGirth is designed to allow the horse breath freely and not cause injury to him. A better breathing will improve his performance and it allows the rider easy girthing.

Is XpandGirth safe?

Yes. If you use the XpandGirth properly, according to the instructions of the guide that accompanies the girth, is completely safe for the rider. In fact, pieces like the buckle with safety screw make it even safer.

What is the difference between sheepskin protector and medical sheepskin protector?

Both are very soft, but medical protector is treated to prevent skin reactions of the horse, as the appearance of sores.

It could cause injury to my horse?

It is very rare that a XpandGirth cause chafing to the horse, since it takes an extremely soft protector. In most cases where a conventional girth has caused damage to the horse, switching to XpandGirth this has been fixed. However, Marjoman can not guarantee that in some cases this does not happen if the horse has very peculiar anatomical features.

Which size should I choose?

You choose the same size/measure that you usually use with your saddle.