XpandGirth Slim

Particularly indicated:

· For small horses or ponys.
· For horses prone to suffer abrasions because the girth tends to move forward.
· For endurance horses, because it’s lighter than a normal XpandGirth.

Maquetaci—n 1


· Girth available from 35 cm with a special trapezium in the middle.
· Body measure (without protector): 49 x 16 cm.
· The function and performance are the same as the conventional XpandGirth, since it incorporates
the same innovative elements: trapezium shaped rings, ventilation holes, safety buckles… and high quality materials.


  1. Tyana Lawless

    I trust this reaches you well. I am interested in purchasing a girth. However, I am curious about the
    Protector 3D Net. How does this compare to the neoprene?

    I compete FEI dressage.

    Thanks in advance


    • marjoman

      Dear Tyana,
      Thank you for your interest in our XpandGirth.
      Neoprene is easy to clean and very commonly used in endurance.
      3D Net is an innovative material super breathable, easy washing and fast drying, antibacterial and very resistant. It is working very well and we also are manufacturing saddle pads with it. At this link you can see a detail of this material: http://www.xpandgirth.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/3DNet.jpg
      Best Regards

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