If you have a XpandGirth, you can share your experience here. Tell us what you think after using it or send us your photos (by mail to imagen@marjoman.es). It can be very useful for other users, or to help us to improve.


  1. Tania Olsen

    I have used the Xpand Dressage Girth for my 4 old horse, and he really loves it. Before he was not very happy getting a girth on, but after two times with the Xpand he just stand with the forward when i come with the girth. So both he and i is very happy with it ;0) My friend have tried it for her very sensitive mare, and after 3 times, her mare not even moves her ears when it see the saddle and girth. Before it was angry until the girth was on. So from here : many thumps up, from both horse and us ;0)

  2. Amanda Larsen

    My horse, an elderly mare, has been bothered by a sore and bevel girth area for as long as I remember. In spite of regular check-ups by chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists, I’ve never been able to truly get rid of the problem. Every time I was getting ready to fasten the girth around my horse, she would become very tense, grittering her teeth, and sometimes even biting after me. She would have cramps in spite of me only fastening one hole at a time while walking her.
    One day, my saddler told me of the new “Xpand girth”. I didn’t really believe it at first – it was a bit expensive for a girth (considering me being a student and living alone), but she urged me to try it out. I fastened the girth – huh … Strange. My horse was neither tense nor angry at me, not even when I couldn’t fasten the girth anymore. Wow, was I in awe of this girth! It has removed all of my problems – my horse is never angry or tense when I come walking with the saddle, she has no cramps, and all of my physiotherapists//etc// tells me how amazingly straight and relaxed she has become.

    I’ll never regret purchasing an Xpand girth. 11/10 stars!

    // Amanda from Denmark

  3. Jitske Vrolijk

    I’m a big fan of companies who dare to be innovative in equine products. The x-pans girth is a beautiful innovative product that will make your horses excercise much more comfortable. I really love this girth. At first I bought the girth with the sheepskin. But after a year it got a little worn around the edges (and that is a no go with my sensitive mare). So recently I bought the
    leather padding. And that looks and feels great! It is handy that you can buy parts of the girth afterwards.
    I have only 2 little remarks. The iron rings that hold the elastic bands together get a little rusty and the screw in the middle of the girth is a little bit difficult to remove. But that are only minor details. I would buy this girth again.

  4. Randi

    I have used the XpandGirth for almost three years now on several different horses. (I have 4 XpandGirths) and I love it, my horses love it and I will never use another style girth again. It allows my horse the flexibility he needs to be comfortable no matter what we do. It expands and retracts with the horse’s breathing making sure there is never any restriction or negative pressure. On top a fantastic product Marjoman has great customer service. They were incredibly responsive to my every question and continuously followed-up on my order. I wish all customer service teams were like them…it was a pleasure to do business with Marjoman.

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